Sound Design

One Year Patterning

This is an experimental piece based on an audio testimonial from consciousness research facility, The Monroe Institute.

The sequence took about three weeks to complete, and allowed me to play with a few new techniques.

I assembled the music from Virginia-based composer Abel Okugawa, with the voice testimonial from TMI, and played it in my car for a couple of weeks while I toyed with what I might do to illustrate the sequence.

There was this narrative of a house being born out of someone’s thoughts into a real life – a ‘dream coming true’ scenario. So I wanted to include symbolic and illustrative techniques blending into live action shots. I needed a good prop though. I thought about building one in 3D, but really want a physical model for the house.

I eventually found it tucked away on the top shelf of a beachside home wares store in Sydney. I thought it was made of paper, but when it was brought down, I was surprised that it’s actually metal – with room inside for a candle. So I had the idea to shoot the sequence starting with a 24hour time-lapse of a candle burning overnight and through the next day. It seemed to fit in with the time passing theme, and gives the sequence an odd look as the light changes around it.

The growing Bougainvillaea was also based on a real plant which my wife found and brought home one evening – thank you Yen!

The post work took around two weeks in my spare time.


Filmmaker – Martin Taylor
Music: ‘Timeless’ by Abel Okugawa
Voice: Anonomous – provided by The Monroe Institute
Actor: Yen Taylor